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Brian Parr - Independent, Wigan Constituency

Political Correctness, PC, driven by the media and troika (Tories, Liberal Democrats and Labour) is the bane of our existence, arbitrarily dictating precisely how we speak, act and think, when the tradition of democracy is that government follow the will of the people, subsequently making laws to suit. Let's rid ourselves of this degrading PC outlook and control of our daily etiquette.

The MP expenses scandal, spin doctors and cash for parliamentary questions are indicative of a prevailing culture of rampant dishonesty throughout British politics, please detach from this deception and vote with integrity for more government transparency and accountability to help restore faith in genuine UK politicians. I seek a 10 year mandatory jail sentence for MP's fraud.

I was locally born, from humble origins, less than a mile from Wigan Town Hall and thus have appropriate understanding and inherent motivation to improve the lives of the town's residents. As an Independent candidate there is significant scope to disassociate from the three main political parties and put Wigan's interests, and long-standing town families, first at all times.

I sincerely believe, as a prospective Wigan MP, you need to have great empathy of the difficult conditions, especially in a local context, that many are currently struggling through, due to the impact of 'bedroom tax'; the personal impact of Jobseeker benefit working requirements; and many clever young adults with very little hope of a rewarding career and prosperous future.

This ancient town has a recent history of miniscule ethnic residents and arrivals, as shown by the Census results from 1971, consequently, the massive influx from the continents since 1997's Labour general election victory, has been particularly devastating for Wigan-born people, quality of life has definitely eroded, safety and security are unjustifiably spent and it needs to stop Now!

The scale of immigration into Wigan from many overseas races and cultures needs immediate local control, a derivative benchmark from the 1970's for minimal racial tensions and harmony is no more than 3 immigrant families in any neighbourhood of 3000 people and pro-rata for larger/smaller localities. Vote to enforce this, a locally-empowered community limit is a Must!

We cannot sustain an austerity strategy to nullify our national debt, under current circumstances where our borders are not a serious obstacle to millions of legal and illegal immigrants, the continual huge drain on the finite UK resources has put the NHS and DWP benefits system into meltdown, the blame lies with Cameron and Clegg of the economically unsound Coalition.

It is indisputable that Africa, Asia and Europe have an infinite capacity to supply unwanted immigrants to the UK, so we must exit the European Union to self-control our leaky borders and furthermore raise severe deterrents to refugees, asylum seekers, etc., by way of zero tolerance and a 10 year immigration freeze, except an elite few professionals crucially needed by the UK.

The Coalition government had their term of office to reach the objectives of seriously reducing both the UK current account deficit and national debt, arguably they have not fully delivered. It is apparent that leaving the EU and imposing strict migration limits has popular support and we can thus act to stabilise the economy without counter-productive European Union duress.

Supporting the interests of school-leavers to obtain relevant higher education and protecting the elderly and infirm against vile austerity cuts are imperative in Wigan. We need to restore our locally-born manufacturing industry to a strong position in order to boost exports and catalyse a healthy, thriving, town economy. Wigan's heritage buildings and green spaces are also at risk.

Many people are critical of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and their reluctance to intervene where ethnic minorities are the alleged offenders, which gives a distinct impression they are sensitive to criticism of institutionalised racism. Given recent events in Rochdale, are GMP really fit for purpose, will they respond in the same manner in Wigan, with cases of child sexual abuse?

It is clear the Race and Religious Hate Law is an astute means of gagging the electorate in the face of mass immigration and accusations of bigotry are frequent and widespread, but when our children are put at risk through the joint complicity of the police and Labour local authority, as in Rochdale, it is time this abhorrent law was repealed, it cannot act equitably for all in society, is indiscriminately divisive and represses British democratic free speech and colloquial culture.

The leader of the Labour Party is the grandson of a Semitic immigrant and he proudly announced this on national television, as an obvious gesture of firm support to the reality of sustained FU immigration, the desired ethnic vote and belief that his grandparent gave him the chance to become the next Prime Minister. However, Labour control of Wigan and the UK is a recipe for never-ending, chaotic, immigration and the destruction of society we witness each day in Wigan.

The coalition government comprises of the Liberal Democrats, whom are committed to the EU and are relatively tolerant of migration into the UK, such that there is little prospect of largely reducing immigration with their support, whereas the Tories are promising a referendum on the EU, if elected, but the probability of them pursuing an unbiased vote with their strong alliance to business interests is low. More likely, they may swing the referendum process, if it happens, in favour of staying in the EU, by unfairly allowing recent immigrants to vote for more of the same.

Some of the UKIP objectives are promising, but they are way too lenient regarding the amount of migrants allowed to enter the UK per annum, since over the last twenty years the numbers are grossly unacceptable and we have had enough illegal arrivals to last another fifty years, therefore, I am strongly opposed to vast immigration of any category, Wigan has had enough!

In conclusion, I would urge you to support me, by deserting the Labour Party, particularly, so that Wigan may elect an Independent MP that loves his town, will look after the cause of the down-trodden and under-privileged on low incomes, while furthering the cause of town prosperity by striving for the higher income earners and firming the prospects of industrial and commercial businesses. Come May 7th 2015, kindly take care and time to vote:- Brian Parr -Independent, Wigan parliamentary constituency and Wigan Central Ward election candidate.

English & Celtic families unite and vote to enforce change

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