Mesnes Conservation Area Group

Welcome to Mesnes Conservation Area Group

The historic Mesnes Park, created by a Wigan Rectory Glebe Act 1871 and the adjacent Mesnes Field are fundamental in sustaining a tranquil and rural aspect to the area north of Wigan town centre. We are seeking to maintain and enhance the quality and quantity of the Mesnes Area Neighbourhood and hence visibly improve the local environment for commercial and residential inhabitants. More recently, the emphasis of the Group's work has widened to improvement of bio-diversity in the area and sustaining current amenity green space to enable established informal recreation.

Situated in the location formerly known as the 'Mesnes', (pr. Mains) the boundary is defined by the Mesnes Conservation Area, this being interpreted in a sensible way to reflect the prevailing circumstances of recreation, ecology and commerce. The natural rural beauty provided by the neighbourhood contrasts with town centre urban sprawl.

Founded in 2008, the Mesnes Conservation Area Group (MCAG) is a volunteer effort with the aim of assisting in the maintenance and improvement of public open areas and rights-of-way in the Mesnes location for the benefit of the natural environment, residents and wildlife. The need for such a Group arose originally from the inability of the responsible authorities to manage restoration development within Mesnes Park to the satisfaction of the surrounding local inhabitants. Consequently, by working in co-operation with Wigan and Leisure Culture Trust, MCAG was able to significantly impact on the Park maintenance and development process and this continues to date.

There are weekly MCAG meetings at the Wigan Sports Club each Wednesday at 7.15 pm to keep you informed of any developments concerning the Mesnes neighbourhood. Membership is free and we would value your contribution to our Conservation ethos.


Tony Naylor, Chairman,
Brian Parr, Secretary,